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About Arab MLS

At ARAB MLS, our vision is to be the leading force in transforming the real estate landscape into a connected and empowered ecosystem. We aspire to revolutionize the way properties are discovered, bought, and sold by seamlessly integrating advanced technology, data-driven insights, and a thriving community of real estate professionals and enthusiasts. Through our innovative solutions, we envision a future where every individual can easily navigate the world of real estate, making informed decisions and achieving their aspirations of finding the perfect home. By setting new standards for efficiency, transparency, and user experience, we aim to redefine the way people connect with prop- erties and elevate the entire real estate journey.


Introducing MLS - Matrix™

Matrix™ serves as a centralized database specifically designed for real estate listings, fostering seamless collaboration among real estate professionals by facilitating the sharing of comprehensive property information.

Matrix™ extends its advantages to a diverse range of stakeholders, including real estate brokers, agents, developers, government entities, insurance agencies,and banks.

Matrix™ empowers real estate professionals and associated stakeholders by providing an extensive suite of tools and resources essential for achieving excellence in their operations. This includes features such as Smart Search, access to accurate and verified property data, sophisticated analysis models, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities, market insights, and more.

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One of the most challenging aspects in the real estate market is property transactions and ownership information, requiring deep knowledge of economic and social forces

Select your role to unlock the full benefits and features of Arab MLS

Your journey towards a progressive property future starts now with Arab MLS.

Why Arab MLS

Since the beginning, Arab MLS has been driven by a single purpose: to innovate and create solutions

We aim to develop the real estate market in all regions through our international platforms:


Internet Data Exchange

IDX, short for Internet Data Exchange, serves as a comprehensive term encompassing guidelines, standards, and software associated with presenting real estate listing details on websites. Crucially for agents and brokers, IDX facilitates the incorporation of real estate listings from a multiple listing service (MLS) database into their respective websites.

In our comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of IDX, addressing its creation, functionality, its role in enhancing success for real estate agents, and the associated costs of integrating IDX listings onto a website.

Covering everything an agent needs about IDX

Why exactly IDX was created how does it work, and how does it help you become a successful real estate agent? In addition to the cost of integrating IDX listings on your website in one place.

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Data Solutions

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Real Estate



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Facility Management


Property Management

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Geo-Fencing marketing

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Real Estate Tokenization

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Real Estate Leads


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