Privacy Policy

Platform ARABMLS (referred to, by personal pronouns, I or we or ARABMLS) seriously deals with your privacy, and it complies with protecting privacy of all visitors and contributors, participating in our website or any application which can be created by it besides the electronic site or platform, related to the personal information, demographic information, visitor computer information, when you visit our electronic site or contribute to our interactive surveys, our promotional ads and offers, and the services available through the platform “platform services”.

We illustrate hereunder our privacy policy “the policy”, determining the way of treating all related to your personal information with which you provide us, and this phrase, “personal information”, means the information which enable us to know your identity and how to use these information, plus how to get copies of the personal information sent to us, and how you can check and verify their accuracy, and how you can ask to omit your personal information which can be known from our databases.

Please, carefully read this policy, as it includes important information including a resume about us and how to collect, store, use and share the information by access to the platform or using our platform services or by expressing your consent and approval by another way other than that, you approve and accept – when necessary – to collect, use, transmit and transfer your information as stipulated in this policy, and if you don’t accept this policy terms, you can’t use the platform and/or the services and/or the site.

This policy is complementary and supplement however isn’t substitute to the notices and other politics.

ARABMLS frankly and explicitly keeps right to amend or change any or all terms and conditions of the privacy policy and any of these amendments or changes are published on the electronic site.

These amendments and changes are valid and effective as of date of their publicity on this electronic site.

Kinds of Collected Information:                          

1-Personal Information and Demographic Information:

When you visit the electronic site and/or the platform or contribute to our interactive surveys and promotional ads and offers, we collect the personal information only like: name, address, phone no, or email address, whereas the demographic information are as the postal code, age group, income bracket, education level, voluntarily presented and submitted to us by you, replying to our demands determined for you to do that.

ARABMLS mainly uses the personal and demographic information for our internal commercial business and marketing purposes to enable us to comprehend interests of our customers in a better way, and send you information about our products and services.

The website contains links of other sites with which ARABMLS doesn’t share your personal information as we are irresponsible for that.

ARABMLS can provide from time to time, personal information and/or demographic information voluntarily submitted and presented to third parties, providing products and services to us and/or to our customers, in addition, to third parties, neither affiliated nor subordinate to us, offering products or services which can matter to our customers, or if we believe that the disclosure or revelation is necessary for public interest and benefit, sometimes, we are legally complied with disclosing and revealing your personal information.

By voluntarily providing us with the personal and demographic information, you approve our usage of your personal information as previously illustrated.

You shouldn’t provide us with any personal or demographic information you don’t want to disclose or reveal to us, as if you decide not to provide us with specific personal or demographic information, your ability to access to our electronic site and its offer isn’t then affected, however in absence or lack or inexistence of specific personal information, determining and proving or confirming and assuring your identity or determining your site, or demographic information related to the interactive survey or the determined promotional ad or offer to which you contribute, you may not receive a product or another information from us to contribute to such interactive surveys, and promotional ads and offers.

If you want to get copy of your personal information from us to review and audit their accuracy, make any corrections, or if you don’t want to use your personal information now or anytime later, please, inform and notify us in a written notification, and we will exert the reasonable efforts to comprehend your demand.

2- Visitor Computer Information:        

The website can use as several websites, preferable to you, “cookies” to collect specific information from computer you use to access to our electronic site, which enable us to know your computer device every time you reach our electronic site through it.

Our cookies can collect information about your computer device, how and when you use it to access to our electronic site.

Using cookies enables us to facilitate access to specific sections in our electronic site.

Sometimes, we can collect your personal information with our visitor computer information until we are able to allocate your usage of our electronic site and make your visit more fun.

3- Employment Inquiries:

The personal information presented and submitted to us are to be used related to the employment inquiries only in process of employment.

4- The Security:

ARABMLS will take reasonable precautionary measures to protect your personal information from loss or misusage or change, and deputies of ARABMLS who can access to your personal information, are asked to keep these information confidential and secret and they aren’t allowed to use these information for any other purpose, but execution and implementation of services presented and submitted by them on behalf of us.

5- Secure Access to Photographic Identification:

In case of issuance of ARABMLS for you and your partners, as determined in rules and regulations of ARABMLS, account or password or another secure access device (password) for more access to specific areas of the electronic site, or access to specific privileges and features for this electronic site, you are complied with providing ARABMLS with photographic identity card, issued from the government, including for example without limitation, the national card no, driving license, and passport to assure and confirm your identity.

The photographic identity cards submitted and presented to ARABMLS are to be used related to the secure access to the website only to assure and confirm your identity and authorize you to access to secure areas in this electronic site.

ARABMLS doesn’t present or submit the information stated in the photographic identity card to third parties except to the legally required extent or to the extent required by the legal procedures.

6- The Children:

The site is undirected to be used and unspecialized for usage by children/child under 18 years old.

We purposely neither collect nor accept personal information from children without prior consent and approval or notice of both parents, including the father’s opportunity to use the information and contribute to the activity.

If we receive anytime personal information from children without prior consent and approval of both parents, we will use these information for only direct reply to this child, and our reply will include notice that we won’t contact this child unless we receive proved and checked consent and approval of both parents, in addition to, information to the father about how to contact us to whether present or submit this consent or approval or get more information.

7- Contacting :

If you have any questions about declaration of this privacy or this site, or if you want to get more information about , you can contact us by email or post or phone:

20 122 544 4440

City Stars, Stars Capital A2, Floor 10

[email protected]

8- To Complete Contribution to, I admit and approve the following:

1-I approve compliance with all related regulations, rules and other contribution liabilities, especially these liabilities

*Paying membership fees

And I admit that I learned about and approved schedule of fees, and I can’t by no means, ask to regain amount of the contribution fees

*I assure and confirm that I will actively do my best to operate my real estate commercial business activities including, offering services of the real estate sale and purchase and/or approving the real estate offers of ARABMLS, and listing the real estate properties of kind submitted and presented to ARABMLS.

2- I approve continuity of contributing to these activities during my participation in ARABMLS and if I don’t comply with these liabilities, my membership is suspended or terminated.

3- In addition to that, I approve compliance with rules, regulations and systems of multi-schedules service, and I also approve that I am totally fully responsible for any violations caused to these rules and regulations by me or by any of my partners.

4- I admit, comply with and understand that the training course must be completed, and all dues and fees are to be paid at time of submitting and presenting the demand, and any training required for continuity of my membership in ARABMLS, is to be complied with.

5- I admit validity and authenticity of all documents presented and submitted by me to ARABMLS and I am legally responsible for any documents or any content I post on the site of ARABMLS without ARABMLS currently or later bearing the least responsibility.