6 October City: Everything You Need to Know About

6 October City, a populous city in the Giza governorate of Egypt, is a thriving suburb just west of Cairo. The city spreads over a massive land area of 78,500 acres and has received considerable attention from the governorate and developers. The city offers many advantages, including its location, compounds, and amenities.

Established in 1987, 6 October City was initially a desert area, and it was in the early 2000s that residents began moving into the gated communities and new buildings. The city is divided into three parts: the 6 October City, which occupies 52,000 acres. October Gardens covers 27,000 acres and the industrial zone. The city is close to many attractions, including the iconic Pyramids of Giza, and is a popular choice for tourists and residents.

If you’re considering moving to or visiting 6 October City, there are many things you need to know. This article will provide a comprehensive guide to the city, including its history, location, and amenities. Whether you’re planning to live in the town or just visit, this guide will help you navigate the city and make the most of your stay.

6 October City Map

6 October City Map

6 October City is located in the Giza Governorate, adjacent to Cairo. It is near the Great Pyramids, and its distance from the centre of Cairo is roughly 32 kilometres. The city is also close to Sheikh Zayed City, which is often considered the same as 6 October City.

The city is near the Ring Road, which provides easy access to other districts in the area. The city’s infrastructure is considered one of the most sturdy systems any third-generation city can have, making it an ideal place for residents and businesses.

6 October is divided into three parts, with the first being the 6 October City, which occupies 52,000 acres. The second part is October Gardens, which covers 27,000 acres. The third part is the Sheikh Zayed District, located on the city’s western side.

For those looking to navigate the city, several maps available online provide a detailed layout of the city’s streets and districts. These maps can be useful for both residents and visitors, as they offer an easy way to find specific locations and navigate the city’s roads.

Overall, 6 October City is a well-planned and well-organized city that provides easy access to other districts in the area. Its location near the Great Pyramids and proximity to Cairo makes it an ideal place to live, work, and visit.




6 October City’s infrastructure is considered one of the most robust systems any third-generation city can have. The city’s developers have taken great care to make the city competent for residents, and this is evident in the transportation system. The city is well-connected to other parts of Cairo and beyond through a network of roads and highways. The Cairo Ring Road passes through the city, making it easy for residents to quickly travel to other parts of the city. The city also has several bus routes that connect it to other parts of Cairo.

Industrial Zone

The city has an industrial zone that is home to several global companies, including Egyptian German Automotive (EGA), Suzuki Egypt, and PepsiCo Egypt. The industrial zone significantly contributes to the country’s economy and offers employment to several people. The zone is well-equipped with modern infrastructure and utilities, making it an ideal location for businesses to set up shop.

The city’s infrastructure also includes essential services and utilities, such as electricity, water, and sewage systems. The city’s residential projects have modern amenities, including parks, playgrounds, and community centres. The city also has several office spaces, making it an ideal location for startups and business owners.

The traffic in 6 October City is well-managed, thanks to the city’s well-planned road network. The city’s developers have taken great care to ensure that traffic flows smoothly, which is evident in the minimal traffic congestion in the city. 

Best Compounds in 6 October city

6 October City is home to some of the best compounds in Egypt. These compounds offer various residential options, including villas, apartments, twin houses, townhouses, duplexes, and penthouses, to cater to different lifestyles and preferences. Here are some of the best compounds in 6 October city:

Sun Capital Compound

Sun Capital Compound is a luxurious residential compound that offers a variety of residential units, including apartments, villas, twin houses, and townhouses. 

Mountain View iCity

Mountain View iCity is a residential compound that offers a range of residential units, including apartments, duplexes, and penthouses. 

Price List

The price of residential units in these compounds varies depending on the location and type of property. Interested buyers can contact the developers for a detailed price list and payment plans.


These compounds offer their residents a range of amenities, including clubhouses, swimming pools, gyms, and spas. Some compounds provide additional amenities like sports facilities, parks, and shopping centres.

For a more comprehensive list, check out the Top Compounds in 6 October City and the Best Compounds in Sheikh Zayed City close to 6 October.

Nearby Places

Shopping Mall


Shopping Malls

For those who love to shop, 6 October City has several malls to choose from. The Mall of Arabia is one of the largest malls in Egypt, with over 400 stores, a cinema, and an indoor theme park. Other shopping destinations in the area include Mall of Egypt and Hyper One.

Entertainment Venues

6 October City has plenty of options if you’re looking for entertainment. Ski Egypt is a popular indoor ski resort, while Cairo Jazz Club 610 is an excellent spot for live music and drinks. There are also several clubs in the area for those who want to dance the night away.

Educational Facilities

MSA University


6 October City is home to several private and public universities, providing various academic programs to students. Some of the most renowned universities in the city include:

  • Misr University for Science & Technology (MUST)
  • New Giza University
  • Nile University
  • Egyptian German Automotive
  • Modern Sciences and Arts University (MSA)


6 October City is also home to several international and private schools, providing quality education to students from kindergarten to high school. Some of the most renowned schools in the city include:

  • International School of Choueifat
  • Beverly Hills Schools
  • Ahram Canadian University


Medical Services

6 October City is known for its excellent medical services. One of the most renowned hospitals in the area is the Dar Al Fouad Hospital, which offers top-notch medical care to patients. 

Apart from Dar Al Fouad Hospital, several other medical centres and clinics in the city offer quality medical care. These medical facilities provide a wide range of services, including general check-ups, laboratory tests, and specialized treatments.

Real Estate Services

6 October City is a great place to invest in real estate. The city offers various properties, from cosy apartments to luxurious villas. The cost of living in the city is also relatively low, making it an affordable option for those looking to buy or rent a property.

The city’s location is also a significant advantage for real estate investors. It is close to major highways and other essential landmarks, making it easily accessible from different parts of Egypt. 

Lifestyle and Living

The city is home to several compounds that provide a high-quality lifestyle with world-class services and amenities. These compounds offer a secure, comfortable living environment with 24/7 security, landscaped gardens, swimming pools, gyms, and other recreational facilities. The compounds also have shopping centres, restaurants, and cafes, providing residents with easy access to dining, shopping, and entertainment.

6 October City offers a high standard of living with a focus on quality of life. The city’s design provides residents with easy access to services and amenities, making it a convenient and comfortable place to live. The city has several schools, hospitals, and medical centres, ensuring residents have access to quality education and healthcare.

Climate and Environment

6 October City has a hot desert climate (BWh) that is very similar to Giza and Cairo. The proximity to these cities means that the environment is affected by their weather patterns. The city experiences hot summers, with temperatures reaching 40°C and cold winters dropping as low as 10 degrees.

Urban landscapes, high-rise buildings and busy streets mainly characterize the city’s environment. However, efforts have been made to create green areas within the city, such as parks and gardens. These green spaces provide a pleasant atmosphere for residents and help reduce the effects of urban heat islands.

The city is also affected by wind patterns, with occasional dust storms occurring during the summer months. The wind can help to reduce the impact of high temperatures, but it can also cause respiratory problems for some individuals.

Economic Outlook

6 October City has been experiencing significant economic growth in recent years. The city is home to a large industrial zone that has attracted several international businesses, contributing to the city’s financial success.

The real estate market in 6 October City is also thriving, with various properties set at different prices to suit other people’s budgets. The city has seen a steady increase in property prices over the last few years, which is a testament to the city’s growing popularity among investors and homebuyers.

Investment opportunities in 6 October City are plentiful, with a range of sectors offering attractive returns on investment. The city’s industrial zone is desirable to investors, with many international businesses operating there.

The city’s economic growth is expected to continue in the coming years, driven by ongoing investment in the city’s infrastructure and the continued expansion of the industrial zone. This is good news for investors and businesses looking to set up operations in the city.

Overall, the economic outlook for 6 October City is positive, with the city offering a range of investment opportunities across various sectors.

Community and Culture

6 October City is a thriving community in the Giza governorate of Egypt. The city is home to a diverse population, with residents from different parts of Egypt and other African and European countries. 

6 October also has many events and festivals throughout the year. These events promote the rich history of Egypt and the vibrant local culture of 6 October City. Visitors can enjoy music, dance, food, and art and participate in cultural workshops and activities.

One of the most notable cultural landmarks on 6 October City is the Egyptian Cultural Center. The centre hosts various exhibitions and events showcasing Egypt’s art, music, and traditions.

The city is also home to a range of local markets and bazaars, where visitors can experience the vibrant energy of the local culture. These markets offer a range of goods, including traditional handicrafts, textiles, and food. Visitors can also sample local delicacies like falafel, koshary, and shawarma.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some notable landmarks and activities to do in 6 October City?

6 October City is a popular tourist destination in Egypt, with several notable landmarks and activities to explore. The most famous landmarks include the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and the Egyptian Museum. Visitors can also enjoy camel rides, shopping at local bazaars, and dining at traditional Egyptian restaurants.

What is the postal code for 6 October City?

The postal code for 6 October City is 12573.


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