The Impact of Ahmed Elbatrawy on Stimulating Real Estate Entrepreneurship

Evidently, the Middle Eastern real estate market has been multiplying rapidly in the past few years. This is due to several factors, including better development, the rise of real estate entrepreneurs and new development companies, high demand for properties, increased foreign investments, and the emergence of real estate fields and careers.  

To stimulate and support the rise of Real Estate Entrepreneurship in the Middle East, I have decided to release my first-of-a-kind platform, Arab MLS. The very first multiple listing service platform in the Middle East. Arab MLS serves six flourishing markets, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain. 

I started this platform with a vision and mission in mind. First and foremost, to transfer my expertise in developing and boosting economic development in my hometown, unlocking endless opportunities for real estate professionals and investors. My services are generously offered to developers, brokers, governmental agencies, and licensed real estate professionals. 

Arab MLS aims to promote accurate and reliable real estate data, collecting valuable property information in one place and allowing professionals to connect and reach a vast collection of potential clients. Moreover, Arab MLS opens the local real estate market to global investments, unlocking new horizons. 

It should be noted that real estate professionals aim to provide top-notch services and real estate products that add value to Middle Eastern real estate. Their efforts play a vital role in keeping pace with the constant changes happening in the global real estate sector. Arab MLS helps them achieve these goals by streamlining property transactions and connecting them with their target audience.

It is crucial to understand the activities of real estate developers and entrepreneurs to assist them in achieving them. 

The most essential activity is property development. This involves obtaining land or real estate assets to develop a particular property, which can be done by purchasing empty land and building your property or buying a ready-to-move property and investing in it. It’s worth mentioning that this activity may require the most effort since it needs proper market research, management, financial assets, and technical skills.

The second widely known activity is property marketing and sales. Entrepreneurs often engage in marketing and sales activities to promote real estate projects. This includes developing marketing strategies, creating promotional materials, and conducting sales campaigns to attract potential buyers or tenants. Effective marketing is crucial for ensuring the success of real estate ventures.

Third, real estate consultancy is one of the most highly-demanded activities in the industry. Most clients and investors need guidance and consultancy before purchasing a property. Many entrepreneurs choose to specialize in these consultancy services to gain more credibility and trust from clients. Real estate consultancy often includes comprehensive market research, feasibility studies, investment analysis, and advisory services. 

Many prominent real estate companies offer real estate consultancy for their employees, clients, investors, and stakeholders. These bits of advice and consultancy provide them with insights that assist them in making the best decisions. 

Fourth, getting involved in real estate brokerage is widespread among real estate entrepreneurs. This activity facilitates property transactions and gives them a reputable name in the market. Real estate brokerage usually involves connecting sellers and buyers, getting deals, and making sure that property transactions are done in compliance with laws and regulations. Needless to say, brokers play a vital role in the real estate ecosystem by acting as reliable middlemen between clients and sellers.

Lastly, real estate entrepreneurs invest in real estate assets to build a portfolio of properties. They do this by acquiring existing units and renting them out to get a stable income or capital appreciation. However, this isn’t easy to achieve without proper planning. Effective portfolio management should ideally include property valuation, risk assessment, and strategic decision-making based on solid facts.

In order to efficiently achieve these activities, entrepreneurs and engineers must have a deep understanding of the local real estate market, the laws and regulations that govern it, and the current economic trends. Successful real estate entrepreneurship in the Middle East often involves navigating challenges and leveraging opportunities in a dynamic and evolving market.

My expertise along with Arab MLS, will help real estate entrepreneurs and professionals to achieve their goals, seize golden opportunities, and establish themselves as trusted names in the market, both locally and internationally. 

مؤسّس منصة الشرق الاوسط العقارية

أحمد البطراوى، مؤسّس منصة الشرق الاوسط العقارية و منصة مصر العقارية ،التي تهدف إلى تبسيط عمليات التداول العقاري في الشرق الأوسط، مما يمهّد الطريق لفرص استثمارية عالمية غير مسبوقة

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