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Al Andalus Jumeirah Golf Estates Dubai: A Luxurious Residential Community

Al Andalus is a mixed-use development located in Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubai. This Andalusian-style sub-community is set over an area of 10 acres and comprises freehold residential properties and commercial and recreational facilities. The development offers a unique residential and retail destination with stunning golf course views, five lakes, and lush greenery.

The Al Andalus luxury apartments and townhouses are contemporary homes inspired by Andalusian architecture. They offer an affordable luxury lifestyle with covered terraces, making for a splendid indoor-outdoor experience. The development is close to the golf course, providing residents easy access to the greens.

Al Andalus Tower C is one of the apartments for sale in the development. It offers 1,369 sqft of living space and is listed for sale for AED 1,550,000. The unit has two bathrooms, two bedrooms, and a balcony with stunning golf course views. With its distinctive blend of commercial and residential facilities, Al Andalus is an excellent option for anyone seeking an opulent way of living in Dubai.

Overview of Al Andalus

Al Andalus is a modern residential development located in Dubai’s prestigious Jumeirah Golf Estates community. It is a Spanish-inspired project that offers a mix of apartments, townhouses, and villas. The development is spread across a vast area and features lush green landscapes, beautiful water features, and a range of amenities for residents.

Location and Accessibility

Al Andalus is located in the north-eastern corner of the Jumeirah Golf Estates community, which is situated in the heart of Dubai. The development is easily accessible from major highways and just a short drive from Dubai’s primary business and leisure destinations. The community is also close to the new Al Maktoum International Airport, which is set to become the world’s largest airport upon completion.

Al Andalus Heritage and Architecture

The Al Andalus development is inspired by Andalusian architecture, known for its unique blend of Islamic and European styles. The development features beautiful arches, courtyards, and terraces reminiscent of traditional Andalusian homes. The community also features a range of heritage sites, including a mosque, a souk, and a cultural hub that highlights the area’s rich history and customs.

Overall, Al Andalus is a unique residential development that blends modern amenities and traditional architecture. With its prime location in the heart of Dubai, the development is ideal for those looking for a luxurious and convenient lifestyle.

Residential Options at Al Andalus

Al Andalus at Jumeirah Golf Estates provides a range of housing alternatives, such as townhomes, apartments, and towers. Each option offers a unique experience and features.

Apartments and Features

Al Andalus offers 715 residential apartment units in 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom options. The apartments are available in different sizes and floor plans to meet the wide range of requirements of occupants. All apartment units have large covered terraces that bring the golf outside, enabling an indoor-outdoor lifestyle course’s green close to residents.

The apartments are available in different conditions, such as furnished, unfurnished, and fully equipped. The furnished options are perfect for those who want to move in immediately, while the unfurnished options allow residents to decorate the apartment as per their preferences. Additionally, the fully furnished options provide a hassle-free experience for residents.

Townhouses and Their Appeal

Al Andalus has 95 townhouses available for sale, distributed between seven buildings named Towers A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. The townhouses are available in 2 and 3-bedroom options and provide a spacious living experience. The townhouses are perfect for families and those who prefer a more private living experience.

The townhouses are available in exclusive, vacant, and rented conditions. The exclusive options provide a unique living experience, while the vacant options are perfect for those who want to move in immediately. The rented options offer a great investment opportunity for those wishing to generate rental income.

Towers and Unit Types

Al Andalus has six towers, namely Tower A, B, C, D, E, and F, which offer a variety of unit types. The towers are available in different conditions, such as mid, high, and high-floorplan-floor. The top-fluoride is a gated community living experience perfect for those who prefer a luxurious lifestyle.

The towers offer 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom apartment options. The apartments are available in different sizes and floor plans that accommodate the diverse needs of the occupants. Tower apartments provide a golf course view and are available in exclusive, vacant, and rented conditions.

In conclusion, Al Andalus at Jumeirah Golf Estates offers a variety of residential options that cater to different needs and preferences. The apartments, townhouses, and towers provide a unique living experience and features that make them stand out from other residential options in Dubai.

Amenities and Lifestyle

Al Andalus at Jumeirah Golf Estates Dubai oprovides a posh lifestyle and a variety of conveniences. offers a luxurious lifestyle with various amenities catering to residents’ needs. The development is designed to provide residents with a comfortable and relaxed living experience.

Golf Course and Clubhouse

The development features a full course view with Earth and Fire championship golf courses. The clubhouse covers an area of 131,000 square feet and offers a range of facilities, including a swimming pool, restaurants, and a mosque. The clubhouse is perfect for residents to relax and unwind after a long day.

Indoor-Outdoor Living

The apartments at Al Andalus offer an indoor-outdoor lifestyle with large covered terraces that allow residents to enjoy the greenery of the golf course. The terrace view is an excellent location that is ideal for anyone who like to spend time outside to entertain guests.

Community Facilities

The development offers a range of facilities to cater to the needs of residents. The facilities include a gymnasium, a health care center, and a kid’s play area. The amenities are made to give inhabitants a relaxing and enjoyable relaxed living experience.

Overall, Al Andalus at Jumeirah Golf Estates Dubai offers exclusive, spacious, and modern apartments to provide residents with a luxurious lifestyle. The development is perfect for those who enjoy golf and outdoor living and is a great place to call home.

Investment Opportunities

Al Andalus in Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubai, offers excellent investment opportunities for buyers looking for a prime location and a spectacular view of the UAE. The development provides a range of apartments and townhouses perfect for investors looking for a good ROI.

Market Trends and ROI

Al Andalus, Jumeirah Golf Estates has witnessed outstanding ROI in recent years, making it a great investment opportunity for those looking to invest in Dubai’s real estate market. The ROI for Al Andalus has been as high as 6%, which is excellent for investors looking for a good deal. The development is a popular choice for investors due to its location, amenities, and quality of construction.

Property Status

The properties in Al Andalus are available in various configurations and are suitable for both end-users and investors. The development offers freehold and leasehold properties, allowing buyers to choose the type that best suits their needs. The properties in Al Andalus are available in both vacant and rented status, making it an excellent opportunity for investors looking for a VOT (Vacant on Transfer) deal.

Payment Plans and Prices

Al Andalus offers various payment plans to make it simpler for purchasers to finance their aspiration property. The development offers flexible payment plans, making it easier for buyers to purchase their property. The prices for properties in Al Andalus start at AED 980,000 for a one-bedroom apartment and go up to AED 38,900,000 for a luxury mansion.

In conclusion, Al Andalus in Jumeirah Golf Estates offers excellent investment opportunities for a prime location, good ROI, and flexible payment plans. Al Andalus is a fantastic investment opportunity for end-users and investors, with a range of properties available in both freehold and leasehold status.

Design and Construction Quality

Andalusian Design Elements

The Al Andalus development in Jumeirah Golf Estates is designed with Andalusian design elements inspired by Andalusia’s architecture and design in Spain. This design style is known for its beautiful archways, intricate tile work, and natural materials like stone and wood. The development features a variety of Andalusian design elements, including courtyards, fountains, and gardens.

Modern Standards and Upgrades

The Al Andalus development also meets modern standards and features upgraded amenities. The development features modern flooring standards, with high-quality tiles and finishes throughout the units. The bathrooms feature European sanitary ware, known for its durability and style. The development also features fully upgraded units, which include brand-new 2BR apartments with top-of-the-line finishes and appliances.

The developers of Al Andalus have spared no expense in ensuring that the development meets the highest standards of quality and luxury. The development is built with Andalusian materials known for their durability and beauty. The developers have also incorporated modern upgrades and finishes, ensuring the development is stylish and functional.

Overall, the design and construction quality of Al Andalus is top-notch, with careful attention to detail and a commitment to quality. The development is a beautiful blend of Andalusian architecture and modern upgrades, making it a truly unique and luxurious place to call home.

Connectivity and Surroundings

Al Andalus is in the prime location of Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubai, UAE. The community is easily accessible via Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, which connects to Dubai International Airport and other significant areas in Dubai. The Dubai Production City and Jumeirah Village Circle are also located nearby.

Proximity to Key Locations

The Alandalus community is just a few minutes the Dubai International Airport, which makes it a convenient place for regular travelers. The community is also near the Dubai Production City, home to several businesses and industries.

Nearby Amenities and Landmarks

The Alandalus community is surrounded by several retail outlets and restaurants, making it an ideal location for those who love to shop and dine out. The community is also near the Jumeirah Golf Estates Hotel, which offers luxurious accommodations and amenities.

In conclusion, the Alandalus community is a well-connected and convenient location for those looking for a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle in Dubai. With its prime location, proximity to key locations, and nearby amenities and landmarks, Alandalus is the perfect place to call home.

Contact Information

Sales and Inquiries

For those interested in purchasing property or inquiring about Al Andalus at Jumeirah Golf Estates Dubai, there are several ways to contact the sales team.

Call Us

One option is to call the corporate office at +971 4 818 2000. This number is available for both local and international callers. The sales staff is here to assist with any inquiries and provide information about the available properties at Al Andalus.


Another option is to use WhatsApp to contact the sales team. The WhatsApp number is +971 50 164 4706. This is a convenient option for those who prefer to communicate via messaging. The sales team can provide information about the properties and answer potential buyers’ questions.

Regardless of the method chosen, the sales team at Al Andalus is knowledgeable and confident in their ability to provide the information and assistance needed to make an informed decision about purchasing property in this unique residential and retail destination.

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