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Amali Island: A Luxurious Escape in the World Islands Dubai

Amali Island is a luxurious residential development on The World Islands, Dubai. It offers the first-ever actual waterfront living experience in the city. The development is estimated to be completed in the first quarter of 2027 and is being built by Amali Properties.

Some key features of Amali Island include:

  • Ultra-luxury villas with up to 50 meters of private beachfront
  • A collection of 24 luxury residences in four unique styles
  • Stunning views of the sea, Dubai skyline, and Palm Jumeirah

Amali Island is an impressive feat of human engineering, connecting two of The World’s Islands. Residents of the island are invited to own a Riva Rivarama 44, an era-defining vessel, upon purchasing a villa. The development offers a high-end community for those seeking a luxurious lifestyle in Dubai.

Amali Island


Amali Island is an exclusive community located in The World Islands, Dubai. The World Islands is an artificial archipelago of 260 islands designed to resemble the world map. Amali Island features 24 exclusive homes with 360-degree views of the sea, Palm Jumeirah, and Dubai skyline.

The location of Amali Island is strategically chosen to provide unparalleled accessibility to key destinations. The island is nestled in the esteemed World Islands, just 7 minutes from Mainland Dubai. Residents of Amali Island can enjoy direct access to world-renowned attractions, including The Palm Jumeirah and Downtown Dubai.

The location map of Amali Island shows that it is conveniently located just a 22-minute drive away from Dubai International Airport. This makes it easy for residents to travel to and from the island without hassle.

Other notable features of the location of Amali Island include:

  • Spread over an area of 1,200,000 sq. ft.
  • Modern living experience with an array of amenities
  • True waterfront living for the first time in Dubai
  • Private beach access for residents
  • Unobstructed views of the sea, Palm Jumeirah, and Dubai skyline

In summary, the location of Amali Island is a prime spot for those who want to live in a luxurious community with easy access to key destinations in Dubai.

Amali Island

Architecture & Design

Amali Island is a modern, luxurious development with unique, innovative architecture and design. Amali Properties is developing the project in collaboration with ELASTIC, a renowned architectural firm, and Hirsch Bedner Associates, a leading interior design firm.

The villas at Amali Island are designed to provide the ultimate luxury living, with spacious floor plans and functional and aesthetically pleasing layouts. The architects have paid great attention to detail, incorporating modern design elements that are stylish and practical.

Some of the key features of the architecture and design at Amali Island include:

  • Modern and innovative design that is both stylish and functional
  • Spacious floor plans and layouts that provide ample living space
  • State-of-the-art technology and amenities that offer the ultimate in comfort and convenience

ELASTIC collaborated closely with Amali Properties to develop a distinctive and novel design for the homes on Amali Island. The architects have incorporated modern design elements such as clean lines, geometric shapes, and large windows to create a sleek and contemporary look.

Hirsch Bedner Associates has also played a vital role in the design of the villas at Amali Island. The interior design firm has created luxurious, stylish, and functional interiors. High-quality materials and finishes, including marble and mahogany, enhance the sense of elegance and refinement.

The combination of modern design elements, high-quality materials, and state-of-the-art technology make Amali Island a truly unique and luxurious development.

Amali Island

Services & Amenities

Wellness & Leisure

  • Amali Island offers its residents a wide range of wellness and leisure facilities, including a spa, gym, fitness center, and wellness facilities.
  • The fitness center is outfitted with current equipment and offers a range of exercise sessions to meet the demands of various people.
  • The spa provides residents a relaxing and rejuvenating experience with its treatments and services.
  • The lazy river is a unique feature of the island, where residents can float and relax in the water.

Amali Island

Exclusive Features

  • The villas on Amali Island give occupants the most luxurious living experience.
  • Each villa features a private beach, security, and a private berth for motor and sailing yachts.
  • The clubhouse is a social hub for residents, where they can gather, relax, and enjoy the various amenities.
  • The tea terrace is a unique element of the clubhouse
  • The cinema has cutting-edge technology and offers inhabitants an immersive movie experience.
  • The Riva Rivarama 44 is a luxury boat garage that provides residents with a convenient and secure place to store their boats.
  • The helipad provides residents with quick and easy access to the island.
  • The sauna is perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a long day.
  • The island’s restaurants offer various cuisines and offer residents an exceptional dining experience.

Overall, Amali Island provides residents a luxurious and exclusive living experience with its amenities and features.

Amali Island

Unit Types and Areas

Amali Island offers a limited collection of 24 luxury villas, each boasting 5-7 bedrooms. The property sizes of the units range from 11,108 sq. ft to 33,497 sq. ft, while plot areas are from 22,970 sq. ft to 91,332 sq. ft. Beachfront units are available in four unique styles: Avatea, Aria, Aurora, and Amorino.

  • The Avatea villa type is a 5-bedroom villa with a built-up area of 11,108 sq. ft.
  • The Aria villa type is a 5-bedroom villa with a built-up area of 12,443 sq. ft. 
  • The Aurora villa type is a 7-bedroom villa with a built-up area of 16,641 sq. ft. 
  • The Amorino villa type is a 7-bedroom villa with a built-up area of 33,497 sq. ft. 

Potential owners of the Amorino and Aurora villas have two interior design schemes: Terra with modern, subtle, and earthy hues or Ultra in classic tones. The residences come in 2 styles: Minima or Grande. The Minima style is contemporary and minimalist, while the Grande style is more classic.

Amali Island

Unit Prices

Amali Island by Amali Properties offers luxury villas with private beach access on The World Islands in Dubai. The development features a limited collection of 24 beachfront villas, each boasting 5-7 bedrooms. 

The price for the villas is AED 40.75 million, with a 60/40 payment plan. This means the buyer will pay 60% of the total amount during the construction phase and the remaining 40% upon handover, estimated in Q1 2027.

Potential buyers can also consult with Amali Properties for more information on the payment plan and down payment options.

Here are some key points to keep in mind regarding the unit prices:

  • The starting price for villas is AED 40.75 million.
  • The payment plan is 60/40, with 60% payable during construction and 40% upon handover.
  • The estimated handover date is Q1 2027.
  • Buyers can consult with Amali Properties for more information on payment plans and down payment options.

Amali Island

Amali Properties

Amali Island is a high-end community located in The World Islands, Dubai. It is being by Amali Properties, a leading developer specializing in waterfront urban residences. The company is famous for its commitment to quality and attention to detail, which is evident in the design and construction of Amali Island.

Here are some key points about the developer:

  • Amali Properties is the developer of Amali Island.
  • The company specializes in waterfront urban residences.
  • Amali Properties commits to quality and pays great attention to detail.
  • The company is famous for its innovative designs and unique concepts.
  • Amali Properties has a team of professionals overseeing every aspect of the development process.

Completion of Amali Island will be in March 2027. The date of handover is Q1 2027. The developer is currently accepting consultations for those interested in purchasing one of the exclusive villas on the island.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to purchase property on Amali Island within The World Islands?

  • The cost to purchase property on Amali Island varies depending on the size and type of property.
  • Prices for the luxury villas on Amali Island start at AED 35 million and go up to AED 100 million.

Where exactly is Amali Island among The World Islands and Dubai?

  • Amali Island is in The World Islands, an artificial archipelago in the Arabian Gulf, off the coast of Dubai.
  • The World Islands are approximately 4 kilometers from the Jumeirah coast of Dubai.

Is the construction of The World Islands, including Amali Island, complete?

  • The construction of The World Islands is ongoing, and Amali Island will be in the first quarter of 2027.
  • The World Islands project has been ongoing since 2003, and some of the islands have already been developed and are open to visitors.

Can visitors explore The World Islands and Amali Island, and if so, how can they access it?

  • Visitors can explore The World Islands and Amali Island through boat tour companies.
  • Visitors can also access the islands through private boats or yachts.

What are the general price points for real estate or experiences on The World Islands?

  • The general price points for real estate and experiences on The World Islands vary depending on the property type or experience.
  • Prices for real estate on The World Islands can range from AED 35 million to AED 100 million, while prices for experiences like island tours and water sports can range from AED 500 to AED 5,000.

Is a permanent population residing on Amali Island or any of the world’s islands?

  • No permanent population resides on Amali Island or any of the world’s islands.
  • The islands are primarily for tourism and recreation; some have been developed for residential and commercial purposes.


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