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Burj Al Arab Hotel: A Luxurious Icon of Dubai

Built in 1999, the Burj Al Arab Hotel has become a symbol of modern Dubai and is often called the world’s most luxurious hotel. It boasts a range of amenities, including a private beach, multiple restaurants, a spa, and a helipad. The hotel’s suites are some of the largest and most luxurious in the world, with each one featuring a private butler and 24-hour room service.

The Burj Al Arab Hotel is an iconic luxury hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is known for its unique sail-shaped design and luxurious amenities, making it a popular destination for travelers seeking a lavish experience. The hotel is on an artificial island and offers stunning views of the Arabian Gulf.

The Burj Al Arab Hotel has won numerous awards for its exceptional service and luxurious accommodations. It is a popular destination for celebrities and high-profile individuals and has been featured in multiple films and television shows. Whether you are looking for a lavish vacation or a once-in-a-lifetime experience, the Burj Al Arab Hotel will impress.

Hotel Overview

The Burj Al Arab is a luxurious hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is known for its iconic design and architecture, which resembles the shape of a sailboat. The hotel offers its guests a range of amenities and services, including butler service, Talise Spa, Wild Wadi Waterpark access, and more.

Design and Architecture

Burj Al Arab hotel 1

The design and architecture of the Burj Al Arab are genuinely unique. The hotel stands on an artificial island shaped like a sailboat, making it one of the most recognizable buildings in the world. The hotel’s interior is just as impressive, featuring opulent decor and luxurious furnishings.

Location and Accessibility

The Burj Al Arab is located on Jumeirah Beach Road, close to some of Dubai’s most popular attractions. The hotel is just a short drive from the Dubai Mall, the Burj Khalifa, and the Dubai Fountain. It is also conveniently located near the Dubai International Airport, making it easily accessible for travelers.

Here is some general information about the Burj Al Arab Hotel:

  • The hotel has 202 rooms and suites, all offering stunning views of the Arabian Gulf.
  • The hotel’s restaurants and bars are some of the best in Dubai, offering a range of international and local cuisine.
  • The hotel offers a range of activities for guests, including water sports, tennis, and golf.
  • The hotel’s spa is one of the best in the world, offering a range of treatments and services to help guests relax and unwind.

In conclusion, the Burj Al Arab is a remarkable hotel that offers guests a luxurious and unforgettable experience. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing vacation or an action-packed adventure, this hotel has something for everyone.


Suites and Rates

Burj Al Arab is a luxury hotel known for its extravagant suites designed to cater to the needs of its guests. The hotel offers 199 duplex suites that are furnished with gold accents and come with personal butler service. The suites are divided into different categories: Deluxe One-Bedroom Suites, Panoramic One-Bedroom Suites, Diplomatic Three-Bedroom Suites, and Presidential Two-Bedroom Suites. The rates for these suites vary depending on the category and the season, but they are generally expensive.

Here are some of the rates for the suites at Burj Al Arab:

  • Deluxe One-Bedroom Suite: Starting from $2,000 per night
  • Panoramic One-Bedroom Suite: Starting from $3,000 per night
  • Diplomatic Three-Bedroom Suite: Starting from $15,000 per night
  • Presidential Two-Bedroom Suite: Starting from $20,000 per night

Special Amenities

Burj Al Arab is a seven-star hotel that offers luxury amenities to its guests. The hotel has a private beach, swimming pool, spa, fitness center, and various restaurants. The hotel also offers exceptional amenities to its guests, such as:

  • Personalized butler service
  • 24-hour in-suite dining
  • Hermes toiletries
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Access to Wild Wadi Waterpark
  • Complimentary access to Summersalt Beach Club

Burj Al Arab Hotel also offers a variety of experiences to its guests, such as a helicopter tour of Dubai, a private yacht cruise, and a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce ride.

In conclusion, Burj Al Arab is a luxury hotel that offers expensive but extravagant accommodations to its guests. The hotel’s suites are furnished with gold accents and a personal butler service. The hotel also offers several luxury amenities and memorable experiences to its guests.

Dining Experience

Burj Al Arab hotel 3

Restaurants and Bars

Burj Al Arab offers a wide range of dining options to its guests. With nine signature restaurants and bars, the hotel aims to provide a unique culinary experience to its visitors. Some of the most popular restaurants and bars at Burj Al Arab include:

  • Al Muntaha: Located on the 27th floor, Al Muntaha offers a fine dining experience with stunning views of the Arabian Gulf. The restaurant is known for its contemporary European cuisine and has been awarded two Michelin stars.
  • Al Mahara: This underwater restaurant provides a unique dining experience with its floor-to-ceiling aquarium. The restaurant specializes in seafood and has been praised for its fresh and delicious dishes.
  • Skyview Bar: Located on the 27th floor, Skyview Bar offers a selection of cocktails and light bites in a relaxed and elegant atmosphere.

Culinary Highlights

Burj Al Arab is known for its culinary highlights and has hosted some of the world’s most renowned chefs. Here are some of the culinary highlights that guests can expect:

  • Michelin-starred chefs: Burj Al Arab has collaborated with some of the world’s most celebrated chefs, including Francky Semblat, Kim Joinie-Maurin, and Nathan Outlaw.
  • Local flavors: The hotel offers a range of local dishes, including traditional Emirati cuisine, which guests can savor at its restaurants.
  • Unique dining experiences: From dining in an underwater restaurant to enjoying a meal in the sky, Burj Al Arab offers unique dining experiences that will leave a lasting impression.

With its exceptional dining options and culinary highlights, Burj Al Arab is a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts.

Wellness and Leisure

Spa and Fitness Facilities

Burj Al Arab Hotel offers world-class spa and fitness facilities designed to cater to the needs of its guests. The hotel’s Talise Spa is a luxurious retreat that provides a range of treatments to help guests relax and rejuvenate. The spa is located on the 18th floor of the hotel and features floor-to-ceiling windows that offer breathtaking views of Dubai and the Arabian Gulf.

The spa provides various treatments, such as massages, facials, and body treatments. Guests can indulge in the steam room, sauna, and relaxation areas. The yoga and fitness center, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, hosts classes like yoga, Pilates, and aerobics.

Beach and Pools

Burj Al Arab Hotel’s private beach and pools provide the perfect place for guests to relax and soak up the sun. The hotel’s private beach is located on an artificial island and is accessible only to hotel guests. The beach is equipped with sun loungers, umbrellas, and towels, and guests can enjoy a range of water sports, including jet skiing, windsurfing, and kayaking.

In addition to the beach, the hotel has two outdoor pools, including an infinity pool that overlooks the Arabian Gulf. Sun loungers and cabanas surround the pools and are perfect for relaxing and unwinding.

Burj Al Arab Hotel’s spa, fitness facilities, private beach, and pools provide guests with the perfect environment to relax and rejuvenate.

Guest Services

Burj Al Arab hotel 2

Butler and Concierge

One of the most notable features of Burj Al Arab is its exceptional butler and concierge services. Guests can expect high attention to detail and personalized service throughout their stay. The butler service is available 24/7 and can assist with everything from unpacking luggage to arranging transportation. The concierge team is also available to assist with any requests or recommendations, whether booking a personal trainer or making dinner reservations.

Butler service is a hallmark of the Burj Al Arab experience. Each guest is assigned a personal butler dedicated to ensuring their stay is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. The butler can assist with any requests, from arranging in-room dining to providing a personalized hotel tour. They are also trained to anticipate guests’ needs and preferences, ensuring they receive the highest level of service.

Exclusive Offerings

Burj Al Arab offers a range of exclusive offerings to its guests. In addition to the butler and concierge services, guests can enjoy various amenities, including a private beach, Talise Spa, and Wild Wadi Waterpark. The hotel also offers a range of dining options, from casual poolside restaurants to Michelin-starred fine dining.

Room service is available 24/7, allowing guests to enjoy a meal or snack in the privacy of their room. The hotel also offers a range of exclusive packages and promotions, including special rates for UAE residents and the Terrace Experience, which includes access to the hotel’s private beach and a luxury cabana.

In conclusion, Burj Al Arab is renowned for its exceptional guest services and exclusive offerings. From the personalized butler and concierge services to the private beach and Talise Spa, guests can expect a high level of attention to detail and personalized service throughout their stay.

Events and Business

Burj Al Arab is an iconic hotel in Dubai that offers a range of event and business facilities. The hotel has a reputation for luxury and elegance, making it an ideal location for high-end events and business meetings.

Meeting and Event Spaces

Burj Al Arab offers a variety of meeting and event spaces that can accommodate up to 200 guests. The Al Falak Ballroom is a stunning venue with a domed ceiling and 24-carat gold leaf accents. The ballroom can accommodate up to 200 guests and is perfect for weddings, conferences, and other special events.

The hotel offers several meeting rooms for smaller events that can accommodate up to 50 guests. These rooms contains state-of-the-art technology and are perfect for business meetings and presentations.

Weddings and Celebrations

Couples choose Burj Al Arab as a popular destination for weddings and celebrations. The hotel provides customizable wedding packages, and its experienced wedding planners collaborate closely with couples to ensure perfection in every detail.

In addition to weddings, Burj Al Arab is also a popular location for other celebrations, such as birthdays and anniversaries. The hotel’s event planners can help create a memorable event.

Burj Al Arab is an ideal location for events and business meetings. With its luxurious facilities and experienced staff, the hotel will surely exceed the expectations of even the most discerning guests.

Booking and Policies

Reservation Information

Booking a stay at the Burj Al Arab Hotel is a simple process that can be done online or through a travel agent. The hotel offers a variety of room types, including suites and duplexes, with rates that vary depending on the time of year and the level of luxury desired. Guests can choose from several packages that include meals, spa treatments, and other amenities. It is important to note that all rates are subject to change without notice.

To make a reservation, guests must provide their personal information, including their name, address, and contact details. They also need to provide a credit card number to secure the reservation. The hotel may charge a deposit when booking, which is typically refundable if the guest cancels the reservation within a specific timeframe.

Guest Requirements

When checking in, guests must present a valid passport or government-issued ID. The hotel may also require a credit card for incidentals. Check-in time is 3:00 PM, and check-out time is noon. Late check-out may be available for an additional fee. Children are welcome at the Burj Al Arab Hotel, which offers a variety of amenities and services for families.

Additional Facilities

Entertainment and Recreation

Burj Al Arab offers its guests a wide range of entertainment and recreational facilities. The hotel has a private beach where guests can relax and enjoy the beautiful view of the Persian Gulf. There is also a water park, Wild Wadi Waterpark, located nearby and accessible to the hotel guests. The water park has a variety of water slides, wave pools, and other attractions that are sure to keep guests entertained.

In addition, the hotel has a fitness center, Talise Spa, which offers a range of treatments and services to help guests relax and rejuvenate. The spa has a sauna, steam room, and Jacuzzi, as well as a variety of massage and beauty treatments.

Safety and Security

Burj Al Arab takes the safety and security of its guests very seriously. The hotel has a 24-hour security team and CCTV cameras throughout the property.

The hotel has locker rooms where guests can store their valuables while using its facilities. The locker rooms include digital locks and are accessible only to hotel guests.

Overall, Burj Al Arab provides guests with a safe and secure environment and a range of entertainment and recreational facilities to ensure a memorable and enjoyable stay.

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Guest Reviews and Ratings

Burj Al Arab is famous for its luxurious amenities and exceptional service. It is no wonder the hotel has received high praise from guests who stayed there. Here are some reviews and ratings from guests who have experienced the world-renowned Burj Al Arab:

  • According to, the hotel has a rating of 9.0, “Wonderful” by the website. Guests have praised the hotel’s cleanliness, breakfast, and overall experience.
  • Tripadvisor has given Burj Al Arab a rating of 4.5 out of 5, based on over 6,900 reviews. Guests have commended the hotel’s attention to detail, service, and luxurious amenities.
  • A reviewer on Tripadvisor stated, “The attention to detail and service was impeccable. Another reviewer on praised the hotel’s “amazing experience,” saying that the breakfast was great and the room was spotless.
  • One guest on Condé Nast Traveler commented on the hotel’s famous sail-inspired architectural design, stating that it was “all about show-stopping scenery.”

Guests have consistently praised the hotel’s exceptional service, attention to detail, and luxurious amenities. Burj Al Arab lives up to its reputation as one of the world’s most famous luxury hotels.

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