How Arab MLS Revolutionized Real Estate in Saudi Arabia

Real Estate in Saudi Arabia has faced an upward turn in the past few years, with a more substantial infrastructure and modern designs implemented in the city. There has been a rise in demand for residence, investment, and residential properties. As good as this sounds, it comes with many challenges and obstacles, which is why Arab MLS proposed a solution to solve the existing issues in the Saudi real estate market. The service also unlocks endless opportunities for foreign investments, showcasing properties for sale on a broader level. You can read more about Arab MLS from their website:

Saudi Arabia

What are the Challenges that Face the Saudi Arabia Real Estate Market?

Saudi Arabia has been tackling the real estate market for quite some time. Its strategic positioning and several resources give it the upper hand in driving real estate toward eminent success. However, some challenges face the Saudi Arabian real estate market, making the journey of finding properties more complicated than it has to be. But before we get into the challenges, let’s first analyze the Saudi Arabian real estate market and count its advantages.

Real Estate KSA is a thriving industry. The country has over 36 million people and a strong economy, so many real estate investment and development opportunities exist. Another critical factor is the seamless Saudi Arabian infrastructure; Saudi Arabia regularly spends much work and money enhancing it. As we can see, the country has rapidly developed in the past few years, creating new roads, residential buildings, bridges, and commercial areas. So, Saudi Arabia is excelling in its developments’ quality and quantity.

With the development and strength of Saudi Arabian infrastructure, the country’s population and demand for real estate properties have grown substantially. More and more people, whether native citizens or expatriates are looking for houses for sale in Saudi Arabia. It’s also worth noting that real estate in Saudi Arabia is not limited to homes and apartments; there is also a high demand for offices, shops, lands, and buildings.

On top of that, Saudi Arabia is forging a solid tourism industry, given its ancient Arabian history, its prime location that features the Red Sea in Jeddah and the Arabian Gulf in Dammam, and its sizeable Islamic value due to its past and landmarks. As a result, real estate KSA faces a high demand for hotels, chalets, and properties for rent. Tourists and expatriates work hand in hand to drive real estate in Saudi Arabia. So, what are the main challenges facing the Saudi Arabian real estate market?

  • Property Visibility: Property visibility is A common challenge facing developers and brokers in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. Real estate professionals need to make their properties visible to local investors and global ones. Promoting real estate in Saudi to make it visible to the ideal investors may be daunting without the right tools.
  • Accessibility: Accessing real estate developers and brokers is also an ongoing challenge in the Saudi real estate market; finding and contacting real estate professionals to do business with them is a hassle, especially in traditional ways. Moreover, real estate in Saudi Arabia is only accessible to local investors when there are many investors abroad willing to invest in Saudi real estate when given the opportunity.
  •  Meeting Specific Demands: Each client has different demands for purchasing a property. For instance, some may look for real estate in Riyadh, a specific district in Riyadh, or in another city altogether. It’s critical to reach the right audience and match them with properties that meet their particular needs. Whether these demands concern the location, property type, size, or even price.

Saudi Arabia

What is the role of Arab MLS in the Saudi Real Estate Industry?

Arab Multiple Listing Service is a real estate solution that revolutionizes the real estate industry in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. Ahmed El Batrawy, the founder of Arab MLS, proposed a seamless solution to the challenges facing Saudi Arabia’s real estate. Which will automate the exhaustive process of listing properties and matching them with suitable clients. The platform, backed up with high-end technology, highly assists developers, brokers, investors, and clients in efficiently navigating the real estate market.

Regarding property visibility, Saudi MLS enables real estate developers and brokers to reach a broad audience on an international scale. Which substantially increases the target audience and enhances their real estate experience. The service works to attract potential buyers from all around the world, boosting cross-border transactions and making the process more efficient and client-centric.

Regarding accessibility, the Saudi MLS platform enables developers, stakeholders, and brokers to communicate in a user-friendly way. Not only that, Saudi MLS also offers accurate data regarding properties, promoting transparency and informed decision-making. It’s also important to mention that Saudi MLS only allows licensed professionals to list their properties, eliminating all forms of fraud and misinformation.

The countries that Arab MLS serves are mainly:

Can Foreigners Buy Real Estate in Saudi Arabia?

In short, yes, foreigners in Saudi Arabia can own land and property, but only under strict guidelines. For example, each foreigner gets to own only one property, not to mention that the ownership needs to be approved by authorities. That is a significant change from the initial law, which only allowed foreigners to lease a property for a specific time. This massive shift in rules enables international investors to purchase properties in the Middle East. Thus boosting the economy and promoting real estate in Saudi Arabia globally.

What are the Best Real Estate Companies in Saudi Arabia?

Some of the most popular real estate companies in Saudi Arabia offering Saudi Arabia houses and commercial units  include:

  • Jenan Real Estate Company
  • Ewaan Developments
  • Sedco Development
  • Jabal Omar Developments
  • Emaar Developments
  • Saudi Gulf Group
  • Al Dammam Developments
  • Enjaz Developments
  • Baraka Developments
  • Al Nakhla Developments

You can read more about them on the Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Saudi Arabia.


To wrap things up, Saudi Arabia is a gold mine when it comes to real estate investments, which is why it needs to be adequately managed to leverage all the benefits. This is where Arab MLS comes into the light, streamlining property transactions and making it easier for real estate professionals to find one another and connect with a broader spectrum of audiences and potential buyers. Arab MLS successfully solves all the existing issues in the real estate industry, as well as adds new features and capabilities that broaden horizons and set new benchmarks.


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أحمد البطراوى، مؤسّس منصة الشرق الاوسط العقارية و منصة مصر العقارية ،التي تهدف إلى تبسيط عمليات التداول العقاري في الشرق الأوسط، مما يمهّد الطريق لفرص استثمارية عالمية غير مسبوقة

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