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Mirdif 44 Villas: A Luxurious Residential Community in Uptown Mirdif Dubai

Mirdif 44 Villas is a sub-community located in Uptown Mirdif, Dubai. It is a popular area for those looking to buy or rent a villa property. The community features duplex villas with 2 to 5 bedrooms, making it an ideal location for families or those who require more space.

Some key features of Mirdif 44 Villas include:

  • Well-connected neighborhood: Mirdif 44 Villas is located in Uptown Mirdif, which is well-connected to major highways and public transportation. This makes it easy to commute to other parts of Dubai.
  • Amenities: The community has all the amenities required for a balanced and active lifestyle. There are several parks, playgrounds, and sports facilities in the area.
  • Upgraded villas: Many of the villas in Mirdif 44 have been upgraded with modern finishes and amenities. This makes them more attractive to buyers and renters alike.

Mirdif 44 Villas


Mirdif 44 Villas is a sub-community in the Uptown Mirdif district in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The neighborhood is situated in the eastern part of Dubai and is bordered by Al Warqaa, Al Mizhar, and Dubai Silicon Oasis.

The community is conveniently near Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, which provides easy access to Dubai International Airport, Dubai Festival City, and other significant areas of Dubai. Mushrif Park, a popular recreational area in Dubai, is also nearby.

Mirdif 44 Villas is an excellent location for those who want to live in a peaceful and serene environment. 

Some of the critical locations near Mirdif 44 Villas include:

  • Mushrif Park
  • Dubai International Airport
  • Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road
  • Dubai Festival City
  • Al Warqaa
  • Al Mizhar
  • Dubai Silicon Oasis

Overall, Mirdif 44 Villas is an ideal location for families and individuals who want to live in a quiet and peaceful environment while still having access to all the amenities and facilities Dubai offers.

Mirdif 44 Villas

Architecture & Design

Mirdif 44 Villas is a modern residential community in Uptown Mirdif, Dubai. The community features quality, independent duplex villas with 2 to 5 bedrooms. The villas enjoy high-quality materials to provide a comfortable and luxurious living experience.

The villas in Mirdif 44 cater to those looking for a spacious and comfortable living space. The duplex villas are perfect for families needing more than one living area or additional space for their daily activities. The townhouses feature an open floor design, enabling natural light to flow throughout the living space.

The gated community provides a secure living environment for residents, with 24-hour security and surveillance. The community is surrounded by greenery, providing residents with a peaceful and serene living experience. The garden space within the community is well-maintained, providing residents with a relaxing outdoor space to enjoy.

The apartments in Mirdif 44 are designed with high-quality finishes and modern amenities. The community offers a variety of apartment configurations, including studios and 1 to 3-bedroom flats. The apartments are perfect for individuals or small families looking for a comfortable living space.

Overall, Mirdif 44 Villas is a well-designed and thoughtfully planned community that offers a luxurious living experience for residents. The community’s modern architecture, quality villas, and greenery make it one of the top areas in Mirdif to buy a villa property.

Mirdif 44 Villas

Services & Amenities

  • Schools: Mirdif 44 Villas is close to several schools, including Mirdif American School, Uptown School, and Dubai Modern Education School.
  • Parks and Play Areas: The community features several parks and play areas perfect for families with children.
  • Swimming Pools: Mirdif 44 Villas features shared swimming pools perfect for residents who enjoy swimming or lounging by the pool. These pools are well-maintained and provide a relaxing environment for residents.
  • Restaurants: The community is located close to several restaurants offering various cuisines. These restaurants are perfect for residents who enjoy dining out or trying new foods.
  • Healthcare Centres: Mirdif 44 Villas are close to several healthcare centers, including Mediclinic Mirdif and Aster Clinic. These centers offer quality healthcare services and are easily accessible from the community.
  • Transportation: The community is well-connected to the rest of Dubai via public transit. Residents can easily access the Dubai Metro and several bus routes.
  • Maid Room: The villas feature a maid room perfect for families requiring additional help with household chores.
  • Yard: The villas feature a perfect yard for families who enjoy spending time outdoors. The well-maintained yard provides a safe and enjoyable environment for children to play.
  • Entertainment Facilities: The community features several entertainment facilities, including a cinema and a bowling alley. 
  • Mosque: The community features a mosque easily accessible from the villas. The mosque is well-maintained and provides a peaceful environment for residents to pray.

Mirdif 44 Villas

Unit Types and Areas

Mirdif 44 Villas, Uptown Mirdif, Dubai, offers a variety of spacious villas and townhouses with different numbers of bedrooms and sizes, catering to the diverse needs of residents. Some of the available unit types include:

  • 1-bedroom villa
  • 2-bedroom villa
  • 3-bedroom villa
  • 4-bedroom villa
  • 5-bedroom villa
  • Semi-independent villa
  • Compound villas
  • Townhouses

The villas are designed as complexes with shared swimming pools and children’s play areas. The compound villas offer more privacy and are ideal for families who prefer a more secluded living environment.

The 2-bedroom villas are perfect for small families, while the 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom villas suit more prominent families. The 5-bedroom villas are ideal for those who need even more space. All villas come with a main bedroom with an ensuite bathroom.

The 3-bedroom villas in Mirdif 44 Villas, Uptown Mirdif, Dubai, are the most popular among families. These villas offer spacious living areas, a private garden, and a maid’s room. The 4-bedroom villas are also popular, offering a larger living area and an enormous garden.

The semi-independent villas are perfect for those who prefer a more independent lifestyle. These villas have private gardens and garages, offering more privacy and independence.

If you are looking for villas for rent in Mirdif 44 Villas, different options are available, including 3BR- and 4BR villas. 

Mirdif 44 Villas

Unit Prices

Mirdif 44 Villas is a popular residential community in Uptown Mirdif, Dubai. The community features elegant 2 to 5-bedroom compound villas for sale and rent. Here is an overview of the unit prices for the villas in Mirdif 44 Villas:

  • Villas for Sale: The prices for villas in Mirdif 44 Villas range from AED 900,000 to AED 1.5 million. The number of units available for sale is not specified.
  • Villas for Rent: The rent for villas in Mirdif 44 Villas varies depending on the number of bedrooms and the size of the villa. The rent for a 3-bedroom villa starts from AED 75,000 per year, while the rent for a 4-bedroom villa starts from AED 100,000 per year. The rent for a 5-bedroom villa can go up to AED 150,000 per year.
  • Deals: There are occasional deals available for villas in Mirdif 44 Villas. For example, a 4-bedroom villa with a private entrance, backyard, maid, pool, and gym was available for rent at AED 120,000 annually.
  • Furnished Villas: Some of the villas in Mirdif 44 Villas are available for rent fully furnished. The rent for a fully furnished villa starts from AED 140,000 per year.
  • Grab the Deal: It is advisable to keep an eye out for deals on villas in Mirdif 44 Villas. For instance, a massive villa with a 3600 sqft area and all master bedrooms was available for rent at AED 140,000 annually.
  • Villas for Rent in Mirdif: Mirdif 44 Villas is a sought-after community for those looking to rent villas in Mirdif. The community offers a range of villas at different price points, making it suitable for families and individuals with varying budgets.

Mirdif 44 Villas

Shorooq Developments

Mirdif 44 Villas is a new gated community in the family-friendly Uptown Mirdif in Dubai. Shorooq, a reputable developer famous for its high-quality properties in the UAE, developed Mirdif 44.

The spacious villas offer ample living space for families of all sizes. The developer has also considered the need for privacy and security, which is why the community has 24-hour security.

The ideal location of Mirdif, 44 Villas within Uptown Mirdif, makes it perfect for families looking for a peaceful and serene environment. The developer has also ensured that the community is family-friendly, with amenities like parks and playgrounds for children.

In conclusion, Mirdif 44 Villas is a well-maintained community developed by Shorooq, offering spacious and family-friendly villas in an ideal location within Uptown Mirdif.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the current rental rates for Mirdif 44 Villas?

  • According to the search results, the current rental rates for Mirdif 44 Villas range from AED 120,000 to AED 140,000 yearly.

Can you provide reviews for the Mirdif 44 Villas community?

  • Unfortunately, the search results do not provide reviews for the Mirdif 44 Villas community.
  • However, potential residents can visit the community and talk to the current residents to gather information about the community.

What is the average sale price for a villa in Mirdif 44?

  • The search results show that the sale price for a villa in Mirdif 44 ranges from AED 5,550,000 to AED 12,140,999.

Where exactly are the Mirdif 44 Villas located within Uptown Mirdif?

  • Mirdif 44 Villas is a villa sub-community located in the district of Uptown Mirdif in Mirdif.
  • The sub-community is near popular attractions such as Yalla Bowling, City Centre Mirdif, Dubai Safari Park, Quran Park, Mirdif Park, Uptown Mirdif Park, and Mushrif Park.

What are the benefits of living in the Mirdif area of Dubai?

  • The Mirdif area of Dubai offers a peaceful and family-friendly environment.
  • Mirdif is home to several shopping malls, supermarkets, schools, and hospitals, making it a convenient place to live.

How does Mirdif 44 Villas compare to other residential areas in Dubai?

  • Mirdif 44 Villas is a luxurious and spacious villa community with a peaceful and family-friendly environment.
  • Unlike other residential areas in Dubai, Mirdif 44 Villas offers a unique living experience with its duplex villas consisting of 2 to 5 bedrooms.
  • The community is in the popular Mirdif area, known for its convenience and accessibility to major highways and public transportation.


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