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Sodic East El Shorouk Compound: A Comprehensive Overview

Sodic East El Shorouk Compound

Sodic East El Shorouk Compound is a residential project in El Shorouk City, East Cairo. It is a part of the larger Sodic East New Heliopolis Compound, which covers an area of 655 acres and is strategically located between two main roads, Suez and Ismailia Road. The compound is close to the New Capital and the Fifth Settlement, making it an attractive option for those living in a convenient location.

Thanks to its diverse range of essential services and facilities, Sodic East El Shorouk Compound is a preferred destination for those seeking a lavish and comfortable lifestyle.

The project includes apartments, villas, townhouses, and twin houses, giving buyers a wide range of options.

The compound was developed by SODIC Developments, Egypt’s largest real estate development company. The company is known for creating top-notch residential projects catering to today’s homeowners’ requirements.

Sodic East El Shorouk Compound is no exception, with its well-designed homes and excellent amenities.

Sodic East El Shorouk Compound residents can enjoy various facilities, including clubhouses, swimming pools, a gym, and a spa. The compound includes a commercial space featuring shops, cafes, and restaurants, creating a self-sufficient community.

Sodic East El Shorouk CompoundArchitecture And Design

Sodic East El Shorouk Compound is a residential haven that boasts world-class architecture and design. The buildings’ architecture leverages daylight to minimize electricity use, creating an environment that encourages productivity and health with a reduced carbon footprint. The compound is designed to focus on sustainability and perfectly balances green spaces and urban living.

Sasaki, an international design firm, designed Sodic East El Shorouk Compound. 

The company is recognized for its creative and eco-friendly designs, earning several awards. Sasaki’s design for Sodic East El Shorouk Compound showcases their dedication to crafting attractive and practical communities with a focus on sustainability.

The outdoor living spaces at Sodic East El Shorouk Compound are designed to provide residents with a comfortable and relaxing environment. 

The compound offers various green spaces like parks, gardens, and walking paths, providing residents a serene escape from the city’s busy atmosphere.

The outdoor living spaces are also designed to encourage social interaction and community building, making Sodic East El Shorouk Compound a great place to call home.

Services And Amenities

Sodic East El Shorouk Compound is known for its luxurious lifestyle and convenience. The compound offers its residents a wide range of services and amenities, making it an ideal place to live.

The community features a full-service commercial area, which includes restaurants, cafes, and shops, providing residents with everything they need right at their fingertips. Additionally, a mosque within the compound makes it easy for residents to practice their religious beliefs.

The compound also features a sports club, which includes a football field and tennis courts, allowing residents to stay active and healthy. A gym is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for those who prefer indoor exercise.

Sodic East El Shorouk Compound boasts a large garden ideal for children and hikers. The garden offers a peaceful environment where residents can enjoy the natural beauty of the compound.

The compound also features international schools, providing residents with high-quality education. Recreational services, including a swimming pool and a kids’ area, are also available, making it an ideal place for families with children.

Sodic East El Shorouk CompoundUnit Types And Areas

Discover a range of homes tailored to your preferences and needs at Sodic East El Shorouk Compound. Our residential options include apartments, standalone villas, twin houses, and penthouses, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone.

The apartments available in the compound come in different sizes, from 130 square meters up to 240 square meters. They offer spacious living areas in 2, 3, and 4-bedroom configurations. The apartments are designed to provide residents with a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

Sodic East El Shorouk Compound offers standalone villas and twin houses for more space and privacy. The standalone villas come in 3, 4, and 5 bedroom configurations, while the twin houses come in 4 and 5 bedroom configurations. 

These units provide extra room and privacy, perfect for families or individuals who like having guests over.

The penthouses in Sodic East El Shorouk Compound offer a unique living experience. They provide a spacious living area with a private terrace, offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape. 

Choose from 3- or 4-bedroom penthouses at Sodic East El Shorouk Compound, which are perfect for families or those who love hosting guests. Every unit is crafted for a comfortable and lavish lifestyle, with amenities like lush gardens, pools, and a clubhouse. Enjoy well-lit, breezy living spaces with thoughtful designs for natural light and ventilation.


Discover the exceptional Sodic East El Shorouk Compound, a premier destination in East Cairo strategically positioned between the Cairo-Suez and Cairo-Ismailia roads. Spanning 655 acres, this thoughtfully planned community allocates 21% for construction and an expansive 79% for lush green spaces.

Crafted by the esteemed Sasaki from Massachusetts, Sodic East boasts an impressive 84% of open and green areas. The compound offers an array of upscale residences, including luxury apartments, villas, and townhouses, with prices starting at just 210,000 Egyptian pounds for luxurious apartments.

Designed for modern families and young couples, Sodic East is conveniently situated next to Al Shorouk City and near the New Administrative Capital. Enjoy swift access to El Shorouk in 5 minutes, New Cairo in 20 minutes, the New Capital in 25 minutes, and Cairo International Airport in 25 minutes.

Experience a lifestyle of comfort with amenities like a clubhouse, swimming pools, a gym, a spa, a children’s playground, and a vibrant commercial area featuring restaurants and cafes. Rest easy in this gated community with 24/7 security and surveillance, making Sodic East a welcoming and secure haven for residents.

Location East Cairo
Land Area 655 acres
Open Spaces 79%
Buildings 21%
Developer Sodic
Master Planner Sasaki
Amenities Clubhouse, Swimming Pools, Gym, Spa, Children’s Playground, Commercial Area
Security 24/7 Security and Surveillance

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the current prices for properties in Sodic East El Shorouk Compound?

Property prices in Sodic East El Shorouk Compound range from 210,000 Egyptian pounds for luxury apartments to 7153000 EGP for villas. The townhouses for sale in New Heliopolis start from 4456000 EGP. It is important to note that prices are subject to change, and interested buyers should contact the developer for the most up-to-date information.

Can I find a detailed map of the Sodic East El Shorouk Compound?

Yes, a detailed map of Sodic East El Shorouk Compound is available on the developer’s official website. Interested buyers can also contact the developer for more information.

Where exactly is Sodic East El Shorouk Compound located?

Sodic East El Shorouk Compound sits in East Cairo, nestled between two major routes: the Cairo-Suez and Cairo-Ismailia roads. Positioned next to Al Shorouk City and near the New Administrative Capital, it enjoys a strategic location in the bustling area.

What is the total area of the Sodic East El Shorouk Compound?

Sodic East El Shorouk Compound is on a 655-acre plot of land, with 21% of the land dedicated to green spaces and parks.

Who is the developer behind the Sodic East El Shorouk Compound?

SODIC, a prominent real estate development company in Egypt, develops the Sodic East El Shorouk Compound. SODIC has a proven track record of delivering high-quality developments and is committed to creating sustainable communities that meet the needs of modern living.

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