A fresh group of Qatari real estate brokers has been granted licenses.

A recent group of licensed Qatari real estate brokers has taken the official oath before the Real Estate Brokers Affairs Committee at the Ministry of Justice. This group comprises 29 intermediaries facilitating transactions between individuals and real estate brokerage companies.

The issuance of licenses for this batch aligns with the executive procedures outlined in Law no. (22) of 2017, which regulates real estate brokerage activities. The goal is to elevate real estate brokerage operations within an organized legal framework, aligning with the economic and urban advancements witnessed by the country and the significant growth of the real estate sector. This initiative is crucial for the reorganization of the real estate system, contributing to the achievement of Qatar National Vision 2030 objectives.

ArabMLS Founder

Ahmed Elbatrawy, who leads the Arab MLS platform, aims to simplify property transactions in the Middle East, paving the way for unprecedented global investment opportunities.

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