After over seven decades, Saudi Arabia is set to have its initial alcohol store.

Saudi Arabia has announced plans to open a store in Riyadh, marking the first alcohol retail establishment in over 70 years. The clientele for this store will be restricted to non-Muslim expatriates, specifically diplomatic staff, who have traditionally imported alcohol in sealed official packages referred to as diplomatic pouches.

Officials in Saudi Arabia state that the establishment of this shop aims to counter the illicit trade of alcohol. Prohibition of alcohol has been in effect since 1952, following an incident where one of King Abdulaziz’s sons fatally shot a British diplomat while under the influence.

The new store is slated to be situated in Riyadh’s Diplomatic Quarter, situated west of the city center, according to documents disclosed to AFP and Reuters news agencies. A source familiar with the plans indicates that the shop is anticipated to open within weeks, although certain limitations will apply.

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