Muscat introduces a novel online real estate rental service catering to landlords and tenants in Oman.

In Muscat, the Municipality is set to commence online registration of tenancy agreements starting Thursday, eliminating the need for in-person visits to the office. This initiative is part of the municipality’s commitment to digitalizing municipal services and streamlining the regulation of owner-tenant relationships, as stated in an official announcement.

The municipality underscores the importance of this step, stating that “starting on Thursday, lease contracts can be registered through electronic certification as part of our commitment to digitalize municipal services and facilitate smoother owner-tenant interactions.” Initially, the online service will focus exclusively on new residential lease contracts, open for agreements with individuals. However, procedures for agreements involving companies and government entities will remain unchanged initially.

Highlighting the significance of documenting and authenticating rental contracts, the municipality emphasizes that such contracts safeguard the rights of both parties within the legal framework and establish a clear agreement between lessors and lessees. Proper documentation plays a crucial role in minimizing potential disputes and issues.

Electronically certified lease contracts will be officially recognized documents by various authorities, including judicial bodies, facilitating litigation procedures in courts. The service ensures that lease contracts are officially documented and confirmed by the municipality, integrating them into the tenant’s data records, providing comprehensive information about participants in the rental sector.

This initiative is viewed as a step toward establishing a fair tax compliance system, making a significant contribution to the projects and services of Muscat Municipality.

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