NHC launches Eyal Sadayem community project in Jeddah

The National Housing Company (NHC) has recently unveiled its second residential project for 2024, located in the Sadayem suburb of Jeddah. The Eyal Sadayem community project is a collaborative effort with the private sector, aimed at injecting further urban development into the city.

Covering a vast area exceeding 3.8 million square meters, the Sadayem suburb features the Eyal Sadayem community project, offering 390 residential units, including villas and townhouses. Ranging in size from 322 to 450 square meters, these units showcase innovative designs within a contemporary architectural style.

The suburb’s thoughtful design incorporates green pathways, promoting air circulation, and its strategic location at the heart of Jeddah’s historical area provides convenient access to essential services. A central park spanning over 250,000 square meters adds to the appeal, fostering green spaces that contribute to social sustainability and an enhanced quality of life for residents.

The Eyal Sadayem community is now open for reservations, with interested individuals able to explore their options and secure their visits by visiting the Comprehensive Sakani Center in Jeddah. Additionally, the Sakani platform provides detailed information on the available residential units.

NHC, aligning with the goals of the Saudi Vision 2030, aims to increase residential ownership for Saudi families to 70%. The company actively seeks solutions and ensures a robust supply chain of high-quality, sustainable construction materials. As the largest master developer of suburbs and urban communities in the Kingdom, NHC has already constructed over 300,000 housing units across 8 suburbs and 6 urban communities, accommodating more than a million citizens.

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