Ras El Hekma Project: Egypt’s Largest Investment Venture in Collaboration with UAE

Egypt’s Prime Minister, Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, presided over the signing ceremony of the largest investment agreement with significant entities. During the event, the Prime Minister underscored that the agreement signifies a partnership, rather than asset sales, highlighting Egypt’s annual requirement for one million new job opportunities, which necessitates such large-scale projects. He emphasized that the Ras El Hekma project stands as the largest investment endeavor in Egypt’s history, encompassing urban development in Matrouh, Salloum, and Alamein. The Ras El Hekma development is anticipated to infuse $35 billion into the country within two months, with the initial installment of $15 billion expected within a week and the subsequent installment of $20 billion after two months, showcasing Egypt’s eagerness to attract foreign direct investment.

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