Sheikh Mohammed has granted approval for AED 5.5 billion worth of uplifting projects aimed at benefitting citizens.

3,500 plots of land have been allocated to citizens in Dubai as part of approved projects.

Dubai is set to initiate a series of projects valued at AED5.5 billion ($1.49 billion) following approval from the emirate’s Vice President. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai’s Ruler, has given the green light for the projects planned for 2024 under the Dubai Social Agenda 33, according to the Emirates News Agency (WAM). This move reflects Al Maktoum’s commitment to providing essential support to citizens, aiming to ensure the welfare and well-being of their families.

“Family is the cornerstone of the nation and the foundation of all development,” stated Al-Maktoum. “Our ultimate goal is to enhance the quality of citizens’ lives for a brighter future,” he added.

The sanctioned projects include the allocation of 3,500 plots of land to be distributed among Dubai’s citizens, along with 2,300 ready-to-move-in houses spread across the emirate. In addition, directives from the Dubai Ruler have been issued to designate the new area for the citizen housing project as Latifa City.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister has reiterated the emirate’s dedication to initiating additional projects that align with the aspirations of Dubai’s citizens.

A 32 trillion-dirham economic plan, named D33, was unveiled by Dubai in January with the goal of enhancing trade and investments over the next decade. This comprehensive agenda encompasses up to 100 transformative projects in Dubai, reflecting the government’s ambition to position the emirate among the top three global economic cities.

Al Maktoum, in a tweet, urged the participation of the over 300,000 investors in Dubai, envisioning the city as one of the fastest-growing in the world. As part of the plan, foreign trade is set to reach AED25.6 trillion in the next decade, surpassing the AED14.2 trillion recorded in the previous ten years.


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